Dulles Air & Space Museum, 06/04.
Welcome to the Daltec collective, home of WDAL and Daltec Design. If you are looking for the "BroodX" voice for the Yamaha AN1X, the latest version (08.01.04) can be found here. I have not worked on it in some time, but I will try to refine it a little more, time permitting. Thanks, by the way, to those of you who offered feedback and ideas.

I am still looking for a good condition, fully functional Kawai K5000s. Should you happen to hear of one available from a reputable source, please feel free to contact me.

If you are wondering whatever became of "WDAL," it has been off the air since August, though I hope to resume a somewhat normal broadcast schedule soon. Tune in evenings between 7:00 EST and 11:00 EST for all the latest. In the meantime, check out the WDAL page if you are at all interested in my pathetic excuses.

I trust everybody had a wonderful summer! Fall is here, and the nights are beginning to grow cooler. I do love the change in seasons, and am actually looking forward to our first freeze. Namely because it will KILL ALL THE SPIDER MITES! DIE, MITES! DIE! DIE!

By the way, for our friends and relations in Florida, a "freeze" is when the air temperature drops below 32 degrees F. If you leave a bowl of water outside during a freezing night, when you wake up in the morning, it will be ice! Just like in your refrigerator. I know it sounds crazy, but it is true. And sometimes, if conditions are right, we will not get liquid rain as you know it, but a more solid type of precipitation known as "snow" (rhymes with "go, " not "plow") which has many interesting properties. Please see the images page for some pictures of new-fallen "snow." Should you like to experience "snow" first-hand, January and February are the best months to visit. Thank you, and as always, God bless America.